The Global Shift

Security and change

2020. It's about time. The gates to the new age are opening. The big shift is happening. The global transformation has begun. The stars are aligned. Gaia is rising. We are just in the beginning of the personal and collective ascencion, which in fact is the same thing. Each one is just a mirror to the other one. The collective is shaken up and every individual is called to start their own transmution. Years, decades and maybe even centuries of suppressed shadows are showing up on the surface. Let's take this opportunity. Let's rise together.

During these times there is one sentence I literally hear everywhere. A global thought. I hear people cursing, saying and praying „Please, let this be over soon, so we can have our normal life back!“. What is this normal? A world with wars, diseases, borders, separation, poverty, lies, violence, so much anger and sadness, so much suppressed pain. The collective pain mirroring the individual pain. So let’s be honest, collectively speaking, there was so much that was not in alignment with the highest source - love – in the world we created and accepted as our normal. But we have successfully formed this tiny little bubble of separation to disconnect from this pain. We managed to project this pain onto the outside and forgot where it all started. We then started to blame the outer world for our own suffering and spent our time numbing ourselves with consuming. The disconnection from ourselves eventually lead us to being disconnected from the world. It was the separation itself that caused our desperate need for security. We spent the last centuries chasing it everywhere outside. In people, relationships, the government, material things, systems, concepts, jobs, money.


It's about time for us to wake up.


The big shift started to shatter our concept of security. Everything we believed was secure turned out to be shut down in between a couple of days. The bubble of security exploded and we were faced with our fears. The fear of insecurity. The fear of lack. The loss of control. Unpredictability. The fear of change. Years over years we managed to make ourselves believe in a static world and called it the normal. We were stuck in a dimension where we accepted the illusion of separation as the reality. But we are now faced with the reality of change. Because one thing is clear: nothing will ever be as it once was. We are existing in an ever changing eternal moment. Everything is continuously changing. Life is change. Our true existence lies outside of the linear time concept. And the only way I can explain myself why we would fear change is because we forgot who we are.


It's time to remember. And as hard is it might sound we are and will be forced to let go of the concept of outer security. Only then we are free to experience our true being and the sense of security will arise from within. The remembering of who we are will lead to the holding on to the outer world become unnecessary. This is the start of the big shift. We have to give up and let go of the world as we thought we know it and let go of the chase for security in the ouside world. So let’s be wise and brave. Let’s be brave and just. Let. Go. And when we have finally stopped blaming everything and everyone and there’s nothing left to hold on to, when we are brave and ready to fall, our souls will catch us. And as we walk our ways inside through our shadows, collecting all these fragments we excluded from our identity and finally connect to ourselfs and the source again, before we may notice, we become whole. We remember. We don’t have to force trust, force love and peace and unity. Faith and love and peace and unity will arise naturally because this is what we ARE and always have been. Life just is, always was and always will be. It is the eternal breath that breathes us. We just have to have the courage and braveness to let go, dive deep into our own being, integrate our shadows, heal our pain, let our conciousness expand itself and keep rising our vibrations until we are able to experience this truth deep inside of us and therefore everywhere around us. There is nothing we can and have to DO outside. This is an inside job. This is why we are given this circumstances. We as a collective are raising into the 5th dimension. Our consciousness is expanding. And it starts with the look inside.


It’s about time.


Love & Light,



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  • #1

    Luisa (Freitag, 27 März 2020 12:24)

    Besser hätte man es nicht formulieren können! ❤️ Wundervolle und inspirierende Worte! Danke für diesen Beitrag ���

  • #2

    Anna (Sonntag, 29 März 2020 17:30)

    True words..