About A Dream

Sometimes you have to give up your dream in order to not give up on yourself

It happend when she was still a little girl. Times were dark and she was dreaming herself away. To better places. To better times. To a better world. One night she had a dream of herself. It was the first time that she understood why she had to make all of those dark experiences. She saw herself making art out of the broken pieces of her heart. She was shining and her light was illuminating the world. Her dream was born. It was her own raw little diamond. And she kept it deep inside of her heart.

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The Global Shift

Security and change

2020. It's about time. The gates to the new age are opening. The big shift is happening. The global transformation has begun. The stars are aligned. Gaia is rising. We are just in the beginning of the personal and collective ascencion, which in fact is the same thing. Each one is just a mirror to the other one. The collective is shaken up and every individual is called to start their own transmution. Years, decades and maybe even centuries of suppressed shadows are showing up on the surface. Let's take this opportunity. Let's rise together.

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The Butterfly's Struggle - Inspirational Storytelling

Change your inner perception and your life will adapt

Hello and welcome to my first blogpost ever!

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